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   DactyloMagicPro Downloader 2012
Software of aid to the typing.
Adware-Cleaner.com 2020-09-21 Download

   Comfort Clipboard Lite Downloader 5.1
Your personal safe clipboard manager.
Adware.ws 2020-09-18 Download

   Comfort Clipboard Pro Downloader 5.1
Windows Clipboard Viewer and Manager.
Adware.ws 2020-09-18 Download

   Clic and Capture Downloader 2012
Screenshot software. You can download and try
Adware-Blocker.com 2020-09-15 Download

   Clipdiary Downloader 3.43
Clipboard tool for full clipboard history.
Adware-Blocker.com 2020-09-15 Download

   ClipMagic Downloader 4.2
A powerful Windows Clipboard Extender.
Adware-Blocker.com 2020-09-15 Download

   Advanced Clipboard Lite
Cut, copy and paste without erase Clipboard
Chameleon Apps Team 2020-09-04 Download

   Logix Clipboard URL Monitor
Application for save your internet addresses
S.C. Logix S.R.L. 2020-07-25 Download

Click.to - the real copy and paste
Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH 2020-07-01 Download

   Get Plain Text 1.03
Get plain text-useful clipboard extender
Softvoile 2021-03-21 Download

   Clipboard Master 1.2.0
Clipboard Master - the smart Clipboard Tool
Jumping Bytes 2021-03-15 Download

   Clear Clipboard 1.21
Clear Clipboard-useful clipboard tool
Softvoile 2021-03-11 Download

   Clipboard History 1.0
Clipboard text history menu in every app
Outertech e.K. 2021-03-10 Download

   Shapeshifter 4.01
Shapeshifter is the best clipboard manager.
Flamefusion 2021-01-25 Download

   Free Clipboard Viewer 2.0
Windows Clipboard Viewer
Windows Clipboard Software 2021-01-14 Download

   XtraPaster 1.0
Clipboard note assistant with 36 text slots.
AureoSoft 2020-12-31 Download

   Dactylomagic 2011
Software of aid to the typing
EuropeSoftwares 2020-12-01 Download

   Shelfster Desktop Tool
Collect information in an online account.
WebSprint S.A. 2020-10-15 Download

   GaCaS Clipboard Cleaner 1.5.0
GaCaS-CCL is a Freeware Clipboard-Cleaner.
GaCaS Software GbR 2021-03-19 Download

   Z-Cron 4.7.0
Z-Cron Scheduler
IMU Hard- und Softwareservice 2020-10-05 Download

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