6 Amazing Design Trends You Can Apply to Your Interiors

Every home needs tender loving care for it to stay warm and cozy for its residents. You should invest time and money to keep a house clean and its interior design beautiful. Along with keeping it clean and tidy, you have to make sure the design of your interior is a positive one. You have to make an effort in keeping up with the latest to give your interiors a new breath of life. To help you out, here are some modern design trends and ideas you can apply to your place.


Paint your walls GREEN

This year, 2017, the main color that’s trending for interiors is green. Pantone, the foremost authority when it comes to color, has branded bright green as the It color for 2017. And that’s rightfully so because this color option will make your interiors a lot more positive, livelier, and happier. At the same time, one look at a bright green home can make you feel revitalized in an instant. Now that’s something everyone sorely needs in this stressful and bleak world.

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Make your interiors more distinct with PATTERNS

For those who are in love with anything pattern-related, you’ll be glad to know this design is trending right now.  Patterns, especially those with a mix of several designs, are in demand right now. Anything from walls, art pieces, and decorations, patterns will surely infuse a lot of character into your home interiors.


Finish with the help of FAUX PAINTING

Faux finishing is having a resurgence lately when it comes to interior design. That’s because there is a wide range of design options when you opt to have your interiors painted with faux finishing. You can go for Venetian plaster, suede, polished marble, or wood, among other design choices. Plus, you can choose a design that fits your personality and preferences. Now isn’t that convenient?


TEXTURIZE your Interiors

Having a bit of texture inside your home isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s trending these days. Homeowners love the feel of anything with a pleasing texture and adding it to an interior surely raises its quality. You can choose various furniture with a lot of texture to provide more warmth and comfort to your domestic lifestyle.

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WHITE – less is more

If green isn’t your cup of tea, maybe choosing white can be better. Painting your walls white and using this color on your belongings can make your surroundings cleaner and more organized. You can also add decorations using raw white to add more contrast inside your home. In this way, your house interior will look like it’s something straight from heaven.


Space-saving APPLIANCES

Space is a very important commodity for every homeowner. Since there are a lot of belongings inside a residence, it’s only logical to get appliances that can be folded. This will provide a lot of space for your personal needs. At the same time, you also gain the benefit of having a more organized interior without taking away all the needed appliances.

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